A Message from Aasim

As a young man entering high school, I had little idea what I wanted to do with my life. But experiences shape you. In my four years of high school, political polarization has strengthened, politics has become a “show”, and the number of self-intrested legislators at the local, state, and national level is at an all time high.

That’s why I’ve dedicated my (short) life to making a difference in my community. Because there is too many people in positions to make a difference, that choose not to. Rather then becoming discouraged by the course of our society, I see it as a sign that we no longer can be complacent. We must stand for something.

At 18, I decided to run for the California State Assembly. To me, it was more than a gateway to politics. It was about championing progressive values, mobilizing young folks, and brining a hint of integrity back into politics.

We must constantly learn to innovate, advocate, and lead because what tomorrow looks likes is in our hands today.


Aasim Yahya