A Message from Aasim

Dear Neighbor, 

Ever since I was a young boy, I knew that I wanted to find my way to affect change. How would I fully accomplish this? That was the part I didn’t quite understand, until high school. In the last four years political divisiveness based on superficial issues has strengthened and this divide can be felt on local, state, and national level. With a newfound interest in politics, I set out to do my part. At 18, I decided to run for the California State Assembly. To me, it was more than a gateway to politics.

It was about giving a voice to our youth who are severely underrepresented in our government. It was about disregarding political parties and finding a balanced platform where we can focus on issues we agree need to be reformed. Most importantly however, it was about strengthening the transparency and bridging the disconnect between our leaders and citizens.

Despite not winning, our campaign was a successful effort in mobilizing voters on a progressive agenda. We are thankful for everyone who supported our efforts to represent District 14. For information regarding our campaign, visit our 2018 election page.

My mission for our future is just beginning. Please join me in building a better tomorrow, today.


Aasim Yahya