Who am I

Concord has been home my entire life. Living under the same roof, I've been a citizen of District 14 for the last 18 years and attended elementary school (Mt. View), and middle school (El Dorado), and high school (Concord) all within MDUSD. As a resident of D14, I've witnessed the economic and social improvements and downturns our region has faced. Experiencing these empowered me to become involved in our community. I'm a charismatic, down to earth teenager who wants to affect meaningful change in his community and beyond. 

What have I done

As a community member and student advocate for the last four years, I've served as a proponent for inclusion on MDUSD high school campuses, an advocate for equalizing educational opportunities, and a statewide ambassador for leadership development. As ASB President at CHS, I worked to harvest a community of acceptance and inclusion where individuality was embraced. As a non-profit chair for Little Girl, Big Dreams, I've helped develop a fund for scholarships and school supplies for our local schools, while also creating free comprehensive tutoring services. Working with CASL (The California Association of Student Leaders) as a Northern California director, I've toured California presenting workshops on leadership development, connecting with youth on our most pressing social issues, and building networks at the local, regional, and statewide level. Finally, back in our community, I've used my platform through outlets such as the Concord Pioneer to express my views on our most pressing social issues. Civic engagement has always been an integral part of my character and personal development. 

Why does it matter

I have a track record which represents passion, integrity, and courage. Integrating these three qualities in every action and decision I make is what will guide my term in the Assembly. I'm willing to accurately represent our district, while maintaining a balance between the specific needs of our District and the overall demands of California. 

Qualifications and more

Recently, I graduated Concord High School as the Valedictorian of the Class of 2018. Additionally, this year I was honored to be selected as a National Coca Cola Scholar. The Coca Cola Scholars Foundation recognizes the top 150 students in the nation for their outstanding academic profile, commitment to their community, and servant leadership. 

A glimpse at who and what matters