A quick look back.

In 2018, I made an unsuscessful bid for the California State Assembly (D - 14). Despite the outcome, my team and I successfully advocated for progressive politics, authentic leadership, and integrity. We are beyond grateful for every individual who helped us earn nearly 44,000 votes in the General Election. It is moments like these that serve as a catalyst for change in our local community and across California. Archived below is an outline of our platform for the California State Assembly.

A High Quality and Affordable Education

As a student in the California public education system and a graduate of the Mt. Diablo Unified School District, I believe in the potential of our system. Yet, I also recognize our shortcomings.

Building a strong public education system is an investment in California’s social and economic future. Beyond poor national rankings, large class sizes, and a low per-pupil spending that dips below the national average, we must enrich the academic experience of every student who attends a public institution. Furthermore, we must prepare students to handle the social and academic transition that comes with pursuing higher level education. Simply put, if education is the source of our prosperity, we must ask if we’re doing all we can to make it the best it can be.

As Assemblymember I would:

  • Develop widespread dual immersion programs that build proficiency in a foreign language

  • Advocate for universal preschool to facilitate the early development of academic and social skills

  • Support the expansion of extracurricular and after school programs that offer students access to technical, professional, and social skills

  • Integrate technology into the classroom environment in order to supplement and enhance student experience in the traditional learning space

  • Oppose tuition spikes in California community colleges, CSUs, and UCs

Universal Healthcare (Single-Payer)

The right to healthcare is one that should be shared by all Californians. Unfortunately, nearly 3 million Californians (roughly 8%) remain uninsured. Meanwhile, many others are strapped with high premiums and deductibles for what is average care. California must be at forefront of developing a single payer system which can sustain universal healthcare. A system which emulates Medicare, but is for everyone. Healthcare is a human right.

As Assemblymember I would:

  • Support efforts to develop a single payer system that ensures universal care to all Californians. This effort must intend on providing comprehensive care regardless of factors such as pre-existing medical conditions. The effort should be fiscally responsible and mirror elements of SB 562 (The Healthy California Act).

Climate Change and Environmental Safeguards

There is no place like California. Within the span of a few hours, you can enjoy the sunset from atop Mt. Diablo, trap yourself under the shade of redwoods, cool off on a chilly San Francisco beach, or watch the snow fall in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Now, more than ever, the preservation of our state boils down to if we're willing to create environmental safeguards that protect the Golden State. Science overwhelmingly supports the existence of climate change. Right here in California, warming temperatures directly impact the prevalence of droughts and wildfires. Not to mention, industrial manufacturers and the extraction of fossil fuels directly cause the release of methane which trap heats in our atmosphere and stimulates global warming. How can we protect generations to come?

As Assemblymember I would:

  • Oppose industrial developments which threaten our environmental stability

  • Explore the potential of renewable energy sources and their ability to sustain all of California

  • Enact policy which establishes preventive measures for water shortages and drought

  • Strengthen CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) to guarantee no developer can circumnavigate environmental concerns

Protecting Basic Rights

Growing up in a progressive state such as California has afforded me a series of basic rights and opportunities that allow me to confidently enter my future.

Our state has always been at the forefront of equity and equality, but we still have work to do when it comes to protecting the rights of those marginalized due to their race, sexual orientation, and gender. Communities of immigrants, LGBTQ citizens, and women, must know that we stand behind them and will fight for them to have equal access to economic and social opportunities.

As Assemblymember I would:

  • Support the funding and expansion of Planned Parenthood services

  • Ensure a no tolerance policy is met in instances of sexual harassment within the workplace

  • Protect individuals of the LGBTQ community from discrimnatory practices that affect their chances of employment and threaten their personal safety

  • Protect California's Sanctuary State status from federal level threats

Prison Reform and Overcrowding

California prisons are dealing with a serious overcrowding issue that is placing inmates in inhumane conditions. I’m a firm believer in the concept that everyone deserves a second chance.

In California, approximately 65% of inmates will return within three years of being incarcerated. Often times, young adults become trapped in California’s cycle of incarceration for non-violent crimes, inhibiting not only their ability to rebuild their personal lives and careers but also depleting funds that could be used elsewhere. Why is California’s recidivism rate so high and what can we do to reform inmates into productive citizens of California?

As Assemblymember I would:

  • Focus on developing educational and extracurricular initiatives that target at risk youth

  • Support and create instiutions which provide free psychological therapy for District 14 constituents struggling with mental health and addiction-related issues

  • Provide comprehensive therapy for inmates to combat metal illness and addiction-related issues

  • Develop a focused transitional program that allows inmates to join the workforce and pursue an education

Civic Engagement and Practical Leadership

The function of a democracy relies both on the participation of those who govern and those who are governed. California’s lack of civic engagement has led to a dangerous bridge between leaders and citizens that needs to close in order to preserve democracy.

In a study conducted by the US Public Interest Research Group, California received an ‘F’ grade when measuring a citizens ability to access government spending data. Not only do other studies validate this lack of access, but it strengthens the bridge and makes it more difficult to hold leaders accountable for their actions. Along with a lack of transparency, corruption within the California government has contributed to public distrust and a declining value placed on the importance of the Legislature. Factors such as those mentioned above, have ultimately resulted in a low voter turnout, marked by only 55% of eligible voters casting ballots in 2012. Now, more than ever we need not just strong leadership but practical leadership.

As Assemblymember I would:

  • Personally and digitally interact with all regions of District 14 on a weekly schedule

  • Improve and simplify the process by which citizens can request access to information using the California Public Records Act (PRA)

  • Remain fully transparent about my voting record, citing the specific reasons for my decisions

  • Create an initiative which makes registering to vote an optional part of US History and Government classes curriculums

  • Create a 100% response policy, that ensures no inquiry, question, or concern is ignored

  • Drop politics and listen to District 14, fight for District 14, and understand District 14 in the best way I can