As a student leader and activist, I’ve had the opportunity to travel across California sharing my perspective on educational mindset, civic engagement, and leadership development. My work has been focused on empowering young people to recognize their potential and build the skill set necessary to accomplish their personal and professional goals.

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“Aasim is a very adept public speaker. He can effortlessly speak with a variety of audiences: children, young adults, teachers, administrators, and the the general public. Aasim has also led lessons for his peers on a variety of topics including building positive habits and leadership skills. Aasim is able to cater his message, tone, and energy to suit the needs of any audience.”

— Leah Darby, Concord High School Culture Director

“Aasim has the unique ability teach and inspire people of all ages. Whether it’s motivating a group of elementary students or inspiring an entire district of teachers on the first day back to school, Aasim is articulate and authentic.”

Rebecca Dell, Concord High School AP Literature and Yearbook teacher

“If you want to meet and become associated with a dynamic young man who is motivated in so many ways and very sharp you owe it to your self to follow Aasim Yahya.  As a student leader at Concord High School and a Rossmoor Scholarship recipient and keynote speaker I am so excited to follow and support Aasim. I look forward to supporting him all the way to the White House.”

— Katherine Koch, 45 year MDUSD Educator, CAWEE Executive Board Member, Rossmoor Scholarship Board Member